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Social Work

MA NGO Social Worker

Great and important is the social worker’s role in Mission Armenia NGO in terms of primary service provision to vulnerable groups. Social worker must perform his/her duties strictly following professional and moral norms and values, he/she must be guided by the beneficiaries’ interests and needs, must respect the beneficiaries’ personal life and keep their personal information confidential.
MA NGO social worker implements the following activities:

  • Collects and analyses the beneficiary preliminary information
  • Makes needs assessment on the basis of which relevant assistance is further shown to the beneficiaries
  • Organizes and controls Soup Kitchen, medical service, social work, homecare and other services provision to beneficiaries
  • Conducts social, psychological, informative, legal and other types of counseling
  • Ensures right protection and advocacy
  • Conducts trainings
  • Cooperates with different state structures, LSGBs, medical and other institutions to solve the beneficiaries problems
  • Convenes self-help groups
  • If necessary also works with the beneficiary family members
  • Organizes beneficiaries’ leisure time

Social Cases

Case 1
Mission Armenia beneficiary A born in 1940 lives in Silikyan district with her husband. Having health problems and having no one to take care of them they regularly make use of the services provided by “Mission Armenia” NGO. Through the direct intervention of the organization and through the support of social workers the woman has undergone a hospital treatment under the sponsorship of the state. She had been suffering from diabetes mellitus and there was a necessity to amputate her two legs. During the treatment she received monetary assistance and humanitarian support, as well as after the operation the organization took care of her in home conditions.
After the operation she needed a wheelchair. After studying and evaluating the situation Mission Armenia social worker together with the woman’s husband took steps for obtaining a wheelchair. The social worker went to Ajapnyak Social Service Center and found out about the procedure of gathering necessary documents. The social worker also visited the Social Service Regional Agency (SSRA) with the aim of introducing them the situation the family was in. Only then the SSRA personnel gave the necessary reference to obtain a wheelchair.

Besides the wheelchair the woman also needed prosthesis for her legs. The social worker together with the woman’s husband went to the relevant healthcare institutions and gathered the necessary documents to be submitted to the regional SSRA. The social worker also arranged the orthopedist’s visit to the woman’s place for taking the measures of the prosthesis.
As a result of social worker’s assistance the woman is now able to move around in her home and to do some self-service activities. By the help of the organization the woman is little by little overcoming psychological and emotional problems too. She is also hopeful that the prosthesis will enable her to recover and to lead a complete life.
The family is still in the center of Mission Armenia NGO's attention and care. The organization regularly provides them social psychological and humanitarian support by implementing relevant advisory and referral activities such as arranging the solution of social and healthcare problems.


Case 2
Mission Armenia beneficiary C is a refugee and lives with her daughter in a dilapidated house in Ayrq village, Gegharkunik Marz. They live in awful communal and living conditions: their bedroom does not have a window, so it is dark inside, they do not have electricity and do not want to, as they are afraid the electricity might cause fire in the house.
During “Mission Armenia” NGO social worker and UNHCR representative’s visit they were offered to move into a more comfortable flat, but they refused to, reasoning that they had already adjusted themselves to the conditions and did not want to move into a new one.
While talking to A and her daughter, it was discovered that they had serious mental health problems and they evidently needed psychological and psychiatric consultation. During the conversation they mentioned that they were in bad terms with the neighbors, as they make discrimination because they are refugees.
The family is badly in need of consistent care and assistance, as they accept each visit and assistance of the organization with great joy.
Taking into consideration the situation this family is in, Mission Armenia social workers show consistent support to them by providing humanitarian and medical assistance, social and psychological consultation.


Case 3
Celebrating Birthday Anniversary
Among the services provided to the single elderly refugees by “Mission Armenia” NGO the most essential events are celebrating different memorable holidays for the elderly particularly their birthday anniversaries. Evgenya has been living in MA Nor Nork Rehabilitation Center since 2007. Being extremely lonely and having serious health problems she needed provision of permanent care.
Taking into account her current social and health situation, “Mission Armenia” NGO enabled Evgenya to live in the Rehabilitation Centre and be under their regular care and support. On September 22, 2007 in Nor Nork Community Center social workers organized the celebration of Evgenya’s 96th anniversary. Evgenya also invited the former neighbours of the dormitory. They came with a wonderful cake and made the party more joyful.
The guests organized a merry anniversary by singing and dancing. They also expressed their warm wishes to one another. The party was celebrated in a warm atmosphere and the participants felt at ease. They were very pleased for organizing such a wonderful event. Particularly Evgenya, whose anniversary was being celebrated and who was the oldest person was very happy as her birthday hadn’t been celebrated for many years. This event had a special meaning for her as having no close relatives, being a single refugee elderly she recalled the notable habit she used to have before finding herself in a refugee situation.


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